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A documentary about a group of young Swedes and the hours leading up to their labor of love – a club night celebrating the legacy of the legendary Manchester club The Haçienda.


Camera operators
Erik Fornander
Carl-Johan Westregård
Jennie Östholm

Carl-Johan Westregård

Audio mixer
Sebastian Cronholm

Carl-Johan Westregård


This film was shot on 2010-03-20.
After ignoring the project for three years due to a third of the footage being lost in a hard drive crash, I decided to cut the remaining footage together. I showed it to my co-directors, and they wanted me to add an explaining text at the beginning. It was a relatively cheap price to pay.

The peculiar circumstances led me to set up a few editing rules for myself:
Chronological order.
No audio overlap.
No added music.

Legal stuff

When TPB AFK was released, its director proclaimed: “You don’t need permission to copy and share my film. But you can’t make money off it.”
Since I find the notion that a person can own the rights to create, duplicate or sell a work of art ridiculous, I’ll be the first to congratulate the one who manages to sell this film. As long as you don’t claim to have created it and/or own the rights to it.

Screening options

If there’s a demand, I’ll put up torrents for ProRes, Blu-ray, DVD and DCP versions of the film.

Tech stuff

The film was shot in 1440x1080 FHA 50i. The file you can download from Vimeo is 1440x810 50p (de-interlaced). Here's the reasoning behind that:

Ideally, the film would be projected with interlaced scan. But since you'll be watching it either on Vimeo (which btw can't display more than 30 fps) or as a downloaded H.264 file, de-interlacing is required. De-interlacing makes all 50 "half frames" per second into 50 "whole frames", and why not use them all?. So I made it 50p, which basically looks like 50i. De-interlacing halves the vertical resolution, effectively making it 540 px. But since I want to use the horizontal resolution (1440 px), and of course keep the 16:9 aspect ratio, I made the file 1440x810.

Just to complicate things a bit, I noticed that one of the cameras automatically recorded 25p instead of 50i when a lower shutter speed was needed.